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Unleash your money with Sing-Guarantee.

Don’t be a slave to security deposits.


What is Sing-Guarantee?

As the first company in Singapore that provides alternative solutions to traditional rental security deposits, Sing-Guarantee endeavours to provide high quality services through well developed and proper internal processes. It offers a simple, fast and efficient solution that benefits tenants as much as landlords or real estate agents.

Bringing the Swiss-Standard to Singapore, Sing-Guarantee is a service company that collaborates with reputable partners to ensure quality service and integrity in its product and service delivery.

How does it work?

In a nutshell, it goes like this: 

  1. Tenants pay a small annual service fee to Sing-Guarantee – a ‘Sing-Security Deposit’.

  2. Sing-Guarantee pays the security deposit in cash to the landlord.

  3. Landlords pay absolutely nothing.

  4. Tenants, landlords and agents enjoy additional benefits – professional condition and inventory checks, V360° videos and complimentary home accidental damage protection. 


Why it works:


FREE your money

Renting in Singapore traditionally involves locking your cash in a security deposit. With Sing-Security Deposit, you have the key to unlock that sum to invest in other priorities: health insurance, childcare or children's school expenses, etc.


AVOID disputes

Sing-Security Deposit lowers the risk of disputes erupting between tenants and landlords by providing professional move-in & move-out services such as comprehensive inventory, condition checks, complimentary home accidental damage protection and even a V360° video.



As a tenant, you will only have to pay a small annual fee for this Sing-Security Deposit and in return, Sing-Guarantee will pay the Landlord the full security deposit on your behalf.

Say goodbye to the traditional way of freezing your cash on rental security deposits.

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